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4 Years Later – Here’s What a Maaco Paint Job Looks Like if You do All the Prep

It’s 2021 and still, car enthusiasts have yet to really find the perfect solution for a high-quality paint job at a low cost. A lot of people who have shopped around in this community or are pretty familiar with it will tell you that you basically get what you pay for here. However, others might argue that you might be able to find a good deal here and there, especially if you’re willing to invest a little bit of elbow grease in the process.

This time, we get the opportunity to check in with a Maaco paint job a couple of years after the fact to see how it held up. Sure, the initial quality is important in this realm. However, I think that many of us are curious how exactly paint jobs end up holding up over time as well. It’s a big part of the equation.

In this particular instance, we get to check in with LsxMatt who has taken it upon himself to try out a Maaco paint job on his Chevrolet Camaro. However, instead of your traditional Maaco job, this one shows off what it’s like if the proper bodywork is done before even dropping the car off at the controversial chain paint shop.

In this one, we’re told that the car was completely prepared thoroughly before taking it into the shop. By “thoroughly,” we mean that all of the moldings, lights and even bumpers were separated in order to give the paint shop the best chance to thrive. In addition, the car was taken down the almost bare metal and primed before it was dropped off.

Once in the shop, the Camaro would get what our host says was the top-tier package that Maaco offers. After dropping $2600 on a basecoat and clearcoat, the video below shows us how it all ended up turning out after some aging.


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