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Could a $40 Harbor Freight Tire Changing Machine Get the Job Done?

For most of us, when it comes to purchasing tools, there is a constant debate going on within our heads.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have an unlimited budget to purchase these tools. Therefore, we can be left to prioritize sometimes. This means not only picking out which tools are the most important. It can also mean picking out different brands that rank on different levels of the reliability spectrum.

For some tools, buying from the cheap brand makes sense. Perhaps, these are tools without a lot of moving parts that are going to be hard to break. Sometimes, though, cheaper brands can tend to give you what you pay for. On the other hand, though, these cheaper brands can really deliver big time with a bang for your buck. Just because something is affordable doesn’t always mean that it’s going to be junk.

On the other hand, though, some of the most highly regarded brands in the industry have definitely earned their reputation as leaders. However, you can bet your bottom dollar quite literally that you’re going to pay for that reputation. Because of this ongoing phenomenon, there have been plenty of people who have taken to YouTube to test out tools from all over the spectrum.

This time, the tool in question just so happens to be a manual tire changing machine. As the reviewer, Bushradical, puts it, this is something that we always picture as being done on an expensive machine. With this review, we ask the question of if the job could potentially be done on a Harbor Freight machine that costs just $40.

Let’s just say that this would be a very welcome addition to most garages if it’s functional. After all, it’s probably going to cost in the ballpark of $40 or more for a professional to the job, anyway.

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