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$40 Million Super Yacht Becomes Largest to Ever Sink, Rescue Caught on Camera

When we dig into the different layers of earning money, it can be kind of crazy to think about. For example, $40 million is more money than most people will see in an entire lifetime. In fact, somebody could work for an entire century making well into the six-figure range and they still wouldn’t come up with $40 million. For those trying to do the math, that’s like making $400,000 for 100 years in a row. Most people don’t even work for half of that time.

This time, though, we take the opportunity to check out what it looks like when $40 million is lost all at once. It would all come to life in a super yacht that would sink and become the largest to ever do so.

The story is a little bit crazier than one might think. After all, in this day and age, it’s pretty rare to see something like this happen. Waterbound vessels are constructed better than ever. In addition, there is all sorts of technology to make sure that boats don’t end up in this situation. From weather trackers to GPS, experienced captains will see bad conditions coming from miles away. With that, they can make appropriate adjustments to avoid a situation before it arises.

However, in this case, we find a vessel that really seemed to be traveling erratically including going maximum speeds in adverse weather conditions which is a big no go!

This time, we’re taken inside of the story of how exactly the vessel by the name of “Yogi” would serve to be the largest super yacht to ever sink. The vessel equipped to take on 12 guests with master suites and amenities that put most homes to shame, went down pretty quickly. It almost sends a chill down our spine as the footage captures the moment that it went under.


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