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$40,000 Gold Bar Destroyed in Hydraulic Press!

The hydraulic press, when introduced to the Internet, has provided us with some quite quality entertainment in ways that we would have never expected but to be honest, we have been enjoying every second of it. From odds and ends around the shop to YouTube awards and other miscellaneous things, the presses have crushed some pretty incredible objects but none that were even close to this expensive have been taken on before.

This time, the press gets ready to roll as it goes head-to-head with a solid bar of gold, weighing in at 1000 grams that is ready to be contorted by the jaws of the press to whichever mangled shape it wants to dictate. Because gold is quite the soft and malleable metal, this could get pretty interesting.

All that’s left to do is get down to the action so the crunch button is pushed and the sinister grasp of the press is on to chomp down on this $40,000 hunk of gold to see what kind of transformation it could possibly do. This is going to get interesting so grab your popcorn and soda!

Check out the video below that shows off the display as the gold is crunched down on and completely reformed. Now, obviously, no real damage is done because the gold can just be melted down and formed into a bar again but it’s interesting to see the destruction of something so pure and valuable as it is taken from a crisp and clean bar to a mounded mess of gold.