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4000hp and Four Engines – 1962 Ford Econoline “Equadoline”

4000hp and Four Engines – 1962 Ford Econoline “Equadoline”

After building a hot rod with two engines and a motorcycle with four engines, where do you turn next? For this builder, the answer was a Ford Econoline.

This isn’t just any Econoline, as you’d imagine. Instead, this Econoline is fitted with four 4.6L Ford engines fitted with hemispherical heads and superchargers!

After all is said and done, the four engines come together to make 4000hp which is no slouch no matter what vehicle you put them in!

Check out the video below as we’re given the grand tour of what this van is all about. We would definitely say that this is a far cry from the Econoline that it once was!


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