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People Are Crazy – 5 BIG Engines Stuffed in Small Boats, Jet Boat River Jump!

Just when you thought that performance modification ended with cars, trucks, and other vehicles that you find ripping across dry land, along comes a whole collection of boats that show you that the aquatic machines want to play in this world of high-performance as well. They’re stacking up some unexpected engine combinations.

In this one, we take a look at a whole collection of vessels that have ditched their former engines in favor of some big power. A couple of boats that have been completely designed around some of these popular high-performance setups. No matter which way we look, we have to say that most of these machines are incredibly awesome to see in action. Seeing them throttle down really gives us a rush.

From a boat fitted with a Cummins turbodiesel and big blocks galore, this playlist of insane engine swaps will have you wanting to go for a ride, guaranteed. It might have some thinking up some unique swap ideas of their very own! Some of these engines, when they put the power down, really manage to rip. It’s really insane to watch these boats make their way around in the water. Each and every vessel exhibits some major confidence when the throttle is opened up!

When we follow along down in the video below, we see  the aforementioned swaps showcased. These gearheads get aquatic and things really get good. There’s nothing like witnessing the best in performance from each and every corner of the high-performance world in all kinds of different mediums like this. Being able to virtually take a seat on these boats is a thrill, to say the least.

I would imagine that, if one was able to actually sit on one of these things at full tilt, it would be quite the adrenaline rush and then some!

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