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5 Cummins Powered Monsters That Broke the Internet

When we head out to the drag strip, we’re bound to see all sorts of different creations. We never know what’ll be heading down the track. There’s always a different twist with each time we head out and we definitely mean that. There’s always going to be something different heading down to the quarter-mile to see how it will do. Whether it’s built for the racing surface or not, they’ll try it! With that in mind, we’ve been seeing more and more diesel trucks have their shot. In fact, it seems to be one of the quickest growing performance platforms.

This time, we check out a Cummins powered Dodge Ram compilation. Every single one of these things is able to really scoot. The thing about these heavyweights is that many times, we truly can’t tell what’s coming. With a lot of these trucks, there isn’t much of a distinguishable difference between a 9-second truck and a stock truck. To the untrained eye, they might look exactly the same! That’s where the fun really begins.

Follow along in the video below these diesel-powered monsters are able to smash their way into some impressive passes with ease. After we see these things roll down the strip for ourselves, we can’t help but be impressed at how quickly that weight gets moving. They certainly don’t have the weight advantage like lots of other machines out there.

After tuning into this one, be sure to tell us what you think of the heavyweights as they manage to go above and beyond in a straight line. It’s not too often that we see something like this so be sure to keep your eyes peeled because it all happens mighty quickly! One can never know when a diesel powered beast is going to strike. These trucks are a prime example of that!


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