5 “Flaws” in the C8 Corvette That Are Actually Genius Plot Twists

Sometimes, things might not be exactly as they appear. As we all know, for the 2020 ...

Sometimes, things might not be exactly as they appear.

As we all know, for the 2020 model year, Chevrolet made the bold decision to move the location of the engine in their flagship sports car. That’s right, we’re talking, of course, about the C8 Corvette becoming a mid-engine machine. After all of the speculation, we finally get to see how such a car will pan out.

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So far, it seems like a model has managed to win over just about everybody who has come in contact with it. Granted that we obviously can’t tell how it’s going to fair long-term, initial impressions of the car seem rather good. It feels like the Corvette is really holding up that “Bang for your buck” reputation that it has become known for.

However, if we really start to scrutinize the statistics, the car raises just a couple of questions. Why would the latest and greatest in engineering from General Motors implement things like brake by wire and understeer? Not only that, but it has a longer stopping distance than the previous generation of Corvette. Bear with us because things might not exactly be as they look here.

This time, Engineering Explained dives into these concepts and works to show us how they actually end up having a positive consequence. In other words, sometimes, these features have something to do with a trade-off. Other times, there might be a completely unexpected underlying advantage that’s a little bit difficult to see at first.

At the end of the day, it looks like a lot of thought went into making sure that this Corvette would be the best it could. Even with some factors that might appear to be shortcomings on the surface, the car really serves up something special.

Let’s just say that looks can truly be deceiving.

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