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Guy Dumps 5 Gallons Of Water Down Diesel Exhaust Stack

Diesel owners are known for torturing their trucks in all types of ways to show how durable and reliable they are. They take them through cab-deep water, mud up to the fenders, and of course, as one does with a massive 4WD truck, they even drift them.

And then there’s this guy, who decided to fill his exhaust up with a full five gallons of water and fire up his Cummins to see what would happen.

Luckily, he did have the sense to park on an incline to keep the water out of his turbo, which could have caused a whole host of problems. Instead, the gallons just filled up the downpipe and obnoxiously big stack in the bed of his truck. What makes the whole thing funnier is that he is seemingly proud to say he has no idea what’s going to happen when he fires up the diesel, but he’s all to excited to try it out anyway. Luckily, all it does is make a mess, spewing soot-filled water bubbling high above the stack and into the bed of the truck. You can hear the exhaust gurgling through the water as the truck idles calmly, occasionally spitting out a little more of the dirty water.

We want to hit y’all with a “Do not try this at home” disclaimer, because if the water were to reach something important like the turbo, it could definitely cause some pretty serious issues, but we also kind of hope more of you do this and at least one of you does screw something up big time, because that reaction video is going to be priceless. But don’t say you got the idea from us, you’ve been warned: FILLING YOUR EXHAUST WITH WATER MAY DAMAGE YOUR TRUCK!

Now you’ve been warned again. While this guy obviously got away with one, this isn’t going to be the outcome every time, so use a little common sense before you try anything like this with your truck,