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5 Mid-Engine Exotics That Cost Less Than a C8 Corvette

It’s pretty hard to argue with a bang for your buck factor of the Chevrolet Corvette. In fact, delivering this bang for your buck is basically the whole premise of the platform. While some manufacturers use a premium business model, delivering something exclusive, Chevrolet does the opposite. There is merit in both of these business models and both could be profitable for their respective brands. What it ultimately comes down to is a matter of personal preference.

What happens, though, if someone wants an exotic car at a Corvette price? Well, we’re going to be straight up to with you here. When it comes to buying a brand-new exotic, it’s going to be pretty hard to squeeze such a preference into a Corvette budget. For those who are about function over form, in fact, the consensus is probably going to say to just buy a Corvette.

The mission to find an affordable Italian supercar isn’t necessarily impossible. However, it might take going back a couple of years to find the model that fits into the budget. This is a concept that’s being looked at closer than ever with the C8 switching it up and going mid-engine. In fact, this particular generation of Corvette is probably the closest aligned to exotics as we’ve seen.

This time, Tyler Hoover is stepping in to give us some advice. In this particular video, he takes on the discussion of exotics that could be had for somebody with the budget for a C8.

In addition, we get some insane value with what to look out for with these particular models. Anyone who has dabbled in exotics knows that some simply aren’t worth buying. There are cars out there that will suck a wallet dry after purchase. With a little bit of good advice, though, these machines can be avoided and it is entirely possible to buy an exotic at a reasonable investment.


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