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5 Mistakes People Make When Building their General Lee Dream Replica

Recently, General Lee has managed to find its way to the center of lots of controversy. With the endless circle of an argument surrounding the Confederate flag, it has bumped its way into the news several times. It has even managed to catch the attention of major major film studios. As a part of more recent licensing of the car, the flag has been dropped from most commercial reproductions.

However, the car from The Dukes of Hazard still remains one of the most popular vehicles in pop-culture history. Lots of folks would likely include it in their Mount Rushmore of movie cars. Because of this, we see plenty of enthusiasts who take it upon themselves to build replicas of the car. In the scheme of things, we would probably venture to say that it’s one of the most popular replicas that there are next to Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds which has met its own controversy recently.

This time, we check out a video from John Schneider, one of the stars from the original The Dukes of Hazard. In this one, he goes over a car of his and tells a little bit about some of the mistakes that people make when building their dream replica. When it comes to this replica car community, people can be pretty picky. Therefore, in order for a replica to be complete, every last detail has to be right. Anything that’s out of place could draw attention away from the whole point of building the car in the first place.

By following along with the video below, we tune in with a couple of points from interior color to the shape of the windows that make General Lee, unlike other Dodge Chargers. It really takes an observant eye to be able to pick out which replica cars are better than others. However, Schneider really seems like the one to be able to do just that.