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5 Reasons Diesel Engines Make More Torque Than Gasoline

When it comes to buying any vehicle, really, there are a lot of factors that you need to break down and justify to yourself in order to pick up just the right car or truck for your wants and needs. One of the many choices that you might have to make is between going with traditional gasoline power or stepping it up a notch to go with the diesel-powered engine. Both of these applications definitely have their benefits and drawbacks so it’s important to get a thorough look at everything that you’re going to hop into before going out there and just selecting one blindly and hoping that everything works out.

In this one, our host over at Engineering Explained takes the opportunity to elaborate upon exactly why it is that diesel engines make more torque than your average gasoline engine. There’s really a lot that goes into it from exactly how the fuel is burned to the firing position of the piston when the ignition happens all the way to the compression that you can expect from these engines. After learning about this, you can begin to dissect exactly what you want and need when you’re picking out the power of choice.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll get the usual breakdown from Engineering Explained that it is incredibly helpful as it’s put in a simpler vocabulary so that just about anyone can grasp this concept. The helpful illustrations really add another layer as well when you’re trying to learn a little bit more about how something complex like this works as all the factors really come together to make a lot of sense. After seeing something like this, tell us if it changes your opinion on whether you want to invest in a gasoline or diesel-powered engine.

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