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5 Reasons Not to Buy an Automatic Transmission

When it comes down to the transmission selection in your automobile, it’s a battle that is almost as old as the automobile itself. Ever since there has been an option for an automatic transmission when compared to a manual transmission, people have taken valuable time out of their day to argue about which is better. I guess that, at the end of the day, it all depends on what you’re looking for, which will determine what one of these options is better for you, however, that isn’t going to stop people from arguing about it until they’re blue in the face and trying to paint the whole picture with one broad stroke. When you really break it down, though, I guess that there is an argument to be had for both of them depending on your spot.

This time, we aren’t getting an argument that’s filled with opinion but instead some facts to backup the side of the debate that gravitates toward the manual transmission. People in the automatic camp see the manual is a sloppier and inefficient way to do what the automatic transmission can every time, however, no matter what side you’re on, there are some benefits to a manually shifted vehicle that are simply undeniable. After all, you can’t turn down a set of facts, no matter what your belief system might be on.

If you follow along in the video below from Engineering Explained, our host takes the time to explain why exactly the manual transmission might be the better option in your case. Whether it be the fact that in most cases, there’s an additional price to getting a vehicle with an automatic transmission or the idea that an automatic transmission weighs a little bit more than a manual transmission in a variety of situations, this one breaks down that manually shifted side of things to tell you all about why it could be in your best interest to pick up the stick shift with these reasons, in depth, along with several more.