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5 Supras So Fast They’ll Melt Your Face – Supra-Sanity II

In the car world, no matter who you are or what level of expertise you have, everybody recognizes a couple of cars as fan favorites that seem to have given rise to inspiration for just about everybody who has been under the hood of or behind the wheel of a performance automobile. Heck, some of these vehicle groups have even spawned collections of people who hate on them just because of their massive amount of success and the following that just seems to be everywhere as most can appreciate them.

One of the cars that definitely falls into that group of vehicles that has brought on such a high level of success is the Toyota Supra. For many, the love affair might have started with movies like Fast and the Furious and since then the following has been growing with each and every day as people get into the industry and explore what all of these cars are capable of. Not only do they have the looks to kill but as it turns out, they also end up performing pretty well when it comes to a variety of different racing applications. This time, it just so happens to be drag racing that’s the topic of discussion

Follow along down in the BigKleib34 flick below that shows off five insane Supras that have put together a really big head of steam. They all do such a killer job of moving down the track that it almost seems like magic on wheels as the drivers throttle down and make sure that they make their presence felt when it comes time to go to war out there on the racing surface. This time, the scene of the action just so happens to be Maryland International Raceway as they all go out it at the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals! The Supra presence was incredibly strong there, to say the least.