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50 CAL Rifle VS Bulletproof Glass! Will it go Through?

If you want to protect yourself and invest in some nice bulletproof glass, it might seem like a good solution to protection from most projectiles but, in this demonstration, we have a gun fanatic who is going to the limit to see just how far the protection of bulletproof glass can really be stretched.

Sure, if you have a lower caliber of bullet, glass like this might be a good call to make sure that nothing is getting in but if you step up a little bit ago with a .50 caliber round, a projectile that looks like it’s big enough to kill a herd of elephants without even thinking twice, how will that glass hold up?

This time, we find out just that as a little demonstration is set up to fire such a bullet at a sheet of glass to see if it’ll be able to withhold the brunt of the collision. The suspense builds as the demonstration is set up and we become more and more anxious to see if the bullet will penetrate the glass and be able to go through the water bottles behind the glass.

Before watching the demonstration down below, be sure to tell us if you think of this massive piece of ammunition will be able to pierce the protective layering of glass. This is one demonstration that we would have to say is being stretched all the way to absolute extreme!