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50 CAL. VS Bulletproof Glass From a Military Tank

A few days ago, we took a look at what happens when you blast bulletproof glass with a round from a Barrett 50 caliber rifle. While it destroyed the glass, the round did not penetrate it, which is a huge win in our book.

Now we are back with another test, this time taking the Barrett 50 cal to the viewfinder from a tank. That’s right, the small glass peep-hole viewer from a tank. The viewfinder, made up of many layers of glass, is about 10 inches thick is built to take a direct impact from basically any firearm, and as you can see in the video, it does!

YouTuber Edwin Sarkissian puts a 50 cal round directly into the center, and while it does damage nearly all of the layers, it doesn’t penetrate the back. Even a second round is stopped by the glass, and it takes a third direct impact from the Barrett to finally get a round all the way through he glass. To say the least, the viewfinder did its job, as it seems nearly impossible that any marksman would be able to get off three rounds with a gun like the Barrett and make direct hits on such a small target.