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500HP Jet Boat vs Beach Full of People! They Got Nailed!

Jet boats are built for speed and fun, but ripping across the open water at wide open throttle isn’t the only way to enjoy a day on the water in one of the high powered vessels.

This slick little jet boat has a naturally aspirated engine that cranks out 500 horsepower, meaning it can shred the lake surface with a simple drop of the throttle pedal, and as an excellent by-product of all that horsepower, jet boats are known for slinging massive rooster tails of water high into the air behind them.

Knowing this, the driver of this particular boat decided to have a little fun with his friends on the shore, so after doing the boat equivalent of a wheels-up launch that brought squeals of joy from his female passenger, the driver circles around and cruises up along the shoreline. Just when he nears his landlubber pals, he turns back toward open water, washing a nice wake up toward the beach and aiming the rear of the boat squarely at the group. With another blast of throttle, the engine screams to life and the propeller slings a massive all of water at the friends, soaking them all and sending their stuff flying.

Thanks to the multiple angles, we get to see the carnage from land and from sea, and both views are awesome. From the beach, we see the wake and the huge spray sending the group scattering as they try to gather up their gear. From the boat, we see the friends disappear behind the wall of water as the shore fades quickly into the distance. We love to see friends cutting up with each other, and the good-natured friends all share a laugh about the impromptu shower. The last thing anybody wants to deal with is that one friend who can’t take a joke!