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The 55 Takes on Daddy Dave, Death Trap Chuck in No Prep Race

When racing, there are a lot of factors that need to come together. Drivers need to master these in order to climb to the top of the pack. This is especially true in the world of no prep. When the track prep is removed from the equation, traction is at a premium and becomes that much more difficult.

This is why, when we see a car like The 55 at work, we can’t help but check it out. The car is nothing short of a stout competitor in a sea of heavy hitters. This time, we get to see just how it handles itself in that set of challenges. The competition here is certainly respected for a reason. Both Daddy Dave in Goliath and Chuck in the Death Trap have risen to the top for a reason. We see a couple of other highly respected opponents in there as well. We wouldn’t want to spoil all of the surprises for our readers, though!

By following along with the National No Prep Racing Association footage below, we get the opportunity to catch up with some of the No Prep Kings Action. One of the best parts of this sort of action is the sheer unpredictability. Even when the most experienced drivers get together, the chance that something isn’t going to work out is at an all-time high. This means that it’s anyone’s race! Sure, being good really gives drivers an advantage over the competition. However, there has to be an element of luck thrown into the mix as well.

These drivers don’t play games when it comes to racing. When we see them on the billing next to one another, we know it’s going to be a real slobber knocker! This set of races is certainly all that and a bag of chips. Dig in and enjoy!