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6.7L Powerstroke Slammed Into an 80s Ford

With designs that we see over time, nostalgia can really set it and get the best of us. Sure, there is something to be loved about new and cutting edge design. However, on the other hand, sometimes the simplicity of an older design can’t help but consume us. This happens commonly in the world of pickup trucks.

It seems as if more and more are falling back into the nostalgia of the 80s. Pick up truck culture looks to be turning the corner toward that decade as well. We have been finding more custom-built machines from the 80s than ever before. The fun part is that their facelifts can take all sorts of different forms.

If there’s one thing that we think most would agree upon, it’s that 80s technology wasn’t exactly efficient. Sure, it might get the job done depending on what the goals of a specific build happen to be. However, it seems like newer engines are better in just about every way imaginable. Sorry 80s. Your powerplants just can’t get the job done in the way that powerplant from today can. From fuel economy to power and just about everything in between, a modern engine is going to kick anything from the 80s to the curb.

With that in mind, this time, we check out a fusion of different eras. The body just so happens to be from that styling that we love so much from the 80s. On the other hand, though, the Power Stroke diesel engine being inserted under the hood certainly isn’t.

By following along with the video below, we get an inside glimpse of exactly what a 6.7L Power Stroke looks like in an old-school truck like this. In turn, we also see some other parts that were borrowed from a newer truck that have made their way into this old school pickup. – Lead Foot Diesel Performance