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6 Stupid Mistakes People Make While Working on their Cars or Trucks!

For the average person, there’s always an inside battle that levees between doing certain maintenance items and repairs yourself or having a dealership or some sort of other repair shop take care of it. For those among us who are more mechanically inclined, you’re able to dissect these sorts of things a little bit easier but nobody’s perfect! Even if you are getting pretty good at taking care of certain things on your ride that most people would not, there might be a couple of mistakes that you could fall your way into that can be hazardous for the health of your car.

Some things that people might see as normal may actually be acts that are taking away the longevity of your car. With everything from the way that you put fluid in your engine and its accessories to how you keep the car clean, there is pretty much a right and wrong way to do everything. Some of these correct methods might deviate from person to person but there are definitely things that will have everybody in agreement that you just shouldn’t do and this time, long time mechanic, Scotty Kilmer dives into a couple of those things to clue you in to how to better take care of your ride.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get turned on to six stupid mistakes that car owner might make when trying to take care of their vehicles on their own. Some of these DIY fails might not be agreed-upon with the whole community but with others, you’ll see exactly why Scotty is warning you to not try to do them in a certain way. After watching this entire list for yourself, be sure to tell us which of these items you agree with then if there are any that you think that people should think twice about before heeding this advice.

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