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600 HP Blown Hemi International Dually Puts a Twist on the “Rat Rod”

If there’s one thing that we can’t help but fall in love with, it’s a well-put-together rat rod. There’s just something so entertaining about the concept of a rat rod that really pops to life and makes cars feel like something different than everything else on the lot. At the end of the day, when you’re trying to put together a machine to be as unique as it can be, sourcing components from all over the place, rat rods can have a way of popping!

In many cases, because the whole point of a rat rod is the source of off-the-wall components that one wouldn’t think of, these builds can generally end up being pretty beat-up looking. However, this patina is all a part of being in the rat rod culture.

This time, though, we check in with a rat rod that goes in a little bit of a different direction and we have to admit they we’re definitely loving it.

Instead of being all beat up and rusty, looking like something that was pulled from a junkyard just like many of its peers do, this particular rat rod does things differently. Instead, the machine that is built from a variety of 30s and 40s International truck parts is incredibly clean. In fact, it’s so clean that you could eat off of it.

In the video below, AutotopiaLA takes us for the complete guided tour and a little bit of a ride from the truck that’s doing things just a little bit differently. Powered by a 392 Hemi with an 871 blower on top, this thing is making nearly 600 hp the tires. Top the build off with airbags and a couple of chromed-out stacks and this thing is looking the part as well. If you want to talk about turning heads, this is your ride!


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