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$60,000 C8 Corvette Tries Luck Against $4 Million LaFerrari

As gearheads, sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves.

Naturally, one would think that it would take a while before the C8 Chevrolet Corvette began to make its rounds in racing situations. Certainly, it would take a while to be able to compare it to other cars, right?

Well, not exactly.

The C8 that has barely had time to hit the public streets is not only being compared to other cars. It’s also being modified. If you check out this article, we dive into the first-ever twin-turbocharged C8 Corvette. Yeah, they already managed to go there.

This time, though, we see how much bang for your buck the stock Corvette really provides. At the end of the day, the $60,000 price point of the C8 is really what made it grow so quickly in viral popularity. The mid-engined American car has been getting closer and closer to the realm of supercar every year. With the change in configuration that slid the engine back this year, it’s about as close as it has ever been.

Given that this car only costs what it does, it’s only going to be able to go so fast, right? There’s no way that the Corvette could manage to compare to something like a $4 million LaFerrari no matter how much bang for your buck it provides.

This time, we ride along with TheStradman to see just how close the two really are. He even admits himself that it probably won’t be much of a comparison as we shouldn’t expect it to be. However, it’s still pretty neat to see how these two cars stack up against one another.

With the LaFerrari offering up almost 1000 hp to the Corvette’s almost 500 hp, it’s definitely not a fair fight. Who knows, though? Maybe when the Z06 and ZR1 come out, it may be a different story.


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