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600HP Funco Subaru Powered Rail Rips Through the Glamis Sand Dunes With Vengance

Sometimes, an obscure creation really manages to catch our eye as it takes us for a ride that’s a little bit different.

Out there in the sand dunes, it turns out that people get as creative as they do on the blacktop. With all sorts of different engine combinations along with forced induction and sometimes even nitrous, these sand cars can really get rolling. As they sling sand out on the dunes, the machines create an adrenaline rush that truly looks like the adventure of a lifetime.

We have seen these things with everything from supercharged big blocks to LS swaps. This time, though, the power plant in question gets a little bit off-beat. The familiar sound has been yanked from under the hood of a Subaru. The grumble of the 600 hp Boxer engine really gets put to work in the Funco GEN52 body.

In a rig like this that probably weighs just about nothing, we can’t help but think that it’s quite the wild ride as well. In this era where everything high horsepower is presented on the internet and sometimes inflated a little bit, we tend to forget that 600 hp is a lot. Remember, some of the most powerful mass-produced cars only make about 800 hp. In other words, this is quickly approaching the power level of a Dodge Demon but without the 4,200 pounds of dead weight.

By following along with the video below from DuneFreq, we get to see just what this thing has to offer. Once that throttle is pushed down and the Subaru engine makes its presence felt, there’s something special about this car that we can take to the bank. This is something that we think just about anybody with a pulse and a taste for adrenaline would love to get behind the wheel of.