MASSIVE 65′ Estrella Center Console is Sure to Put Your Favorite Boat to Shame

It seems as if, as time marches on, our definition of a center console boat is ...

It seems as if, as time marches on, our definition of a center console boat is constantly evolving.

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Long gone are the days where the center console layout has been dedicated to fishing and nothing else. These days, instead, center consoles not only offer the ultimate luxury. They also offer massive size as well. Instead of the 20-foot boat that someone would probably picture when they think of a center console, these machines can skyrocket into the 60-foot and beyond range.

This time, we take an opportunity to check out the Estrella 65-foot “Super Center Console” yacht. One look at this thing and we think that most people will completely reconsider their predisposition about center consoles.

As we make our way through the vessel, it’s clear that functionality and luxury really find their way into one cohesive package. Traditionally, fishing vessels were made strictly for fishing. This vessel, though, appears to combine the best of all sorts of worlds. While we could definitely see how fishing would be possible on a boat like this, it also allows for entertaining and relaxation as well. Parts of it almost rival a luxury hotel more than they do a boat. There’s even an air conditioning system to keep the deck cool!

As we had out back, things get even better as over 3000 hp in engines are strapped to this massive machine. Powering the boat are five 7 Marine 627s. The power is in the name as these outboards boast architecture from the General Motors supercharged LSA engine. The application that shares much of its architecture with the C6 Corvette can be found in cars like the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and Cadillac CTS-V. Long story short, this boat is making enough power to really get up and go.

By following along with the video below, we get the full tour, showing off exactly what makes this vessel one of a kind.

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