’67 C10 Breathes New Life With a Complete Facelift – This Thing is AMAZING!

When we look at the landscape of automobiles that are beginning to rise to their ...

When we look at the landscape of automobiles that are beginning to rise to their peak, the Chevrolet C10 pickup truck is definitely an interesting candidate to observe. In one person’s eyes, a factory C10 might just be an old truck. However, these days, the model seems to be gracefully aging past that phase and into the realm of becoming a true classic. As this is the case, it seems like lots of hot rodding enthusiasts can’t help but want to get their hands on these machines. With that, we find all sorts of custom creations that really take the big and boxy platform to a new level.

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This time, we check in with a C10 build that really goes above and beyond. Well, actually, if you want to get technical, this one goes under and below as it’s dropped to the ground thanks to a trick air suspension!

Let’s just say that when the Chevy originally rolled off of the showroom floor, we aren’t quite sure that anybody knew that it would end up looking like this. However, with a little bit of TLC and a vision, the creative picture comes to life. The truck that was once a little bit tired as an old pickup truck has been re-powered with the help of LS technology. From there, just about everything has been touched a little bit to bring the old-school machine into the new era.

By following along with the video below from AutoTopiaLA, we get to go up close and personal with the incredible custom. Seeing something like this might just make some want to grab a seat and for themselves. How could it be possible to resist something this good looking that’s also combined with more power and the efficiency to match? This truly seems like the complete package!

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