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68,000 Ft Luxury Car Garage Doubles as Gearhead Social Club

As gearheads, we find that we’re in a niche community. When we go outside of our bubble, a lot of people don’t understand our fascination with going fast. To most, it seems like a big waste of money and lots of extra work. To us, though, it’s a lifestyle that we couldn’t live without. In addition, that “work” is really a labor of love. When it all comes together and we can mash the throttle, there’s almost no comparable feeling in the world!

Fortunately, there are places that we can go to be surrounded by like-minded people. These people completely understand the long hours and hard-earned dollars invested in the pursuit of speed. Most of the time, we find this community at places like race tracks or car meets. The occasional Cars and Coffee event might give rise to a few meaningful conversations as well. This time, however, we’ve run into something that’s just a little bit more official.

It seems like, with the Drivers Club in Seattle, car enthusiasts are able to have their cake and eat it too. With this one, we get to take a tour of the facility that offers much more than a place to store one’s car.

In addition to clean, climate-controlled storage, people who visit the club will have access to other features as well. These include a clubhouse, Topgolf (virtual golfing) Swing Suite, and even social events. It really seems like the company is trying to add another layer to the experience of car culture.

By following along in the video below, we get a top to bottom look at all that the place has to offer. We have to admit that Drivers Club certainly looks like an awesome place to kick back and relax. The scenery is certainly second to none!