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Cummins Powered 1969 Camaro is INSANITY

Yes, you read that correctly. This classic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro is powered by a Dodge Cummins diesel engine.

Some may call it blasphemy, but we are completely enamored with this unique swap. Normally, we see a select set of engines swapped into a plethora of bodies, but diesel swaps are something we don’t come by all that often.


The Camaro ran a 7.97 in the eighth mile, if we were to guess it’d be somewhere in the low 12s had it run the quarter. According to the uploader, it kept pushing through the brakes, unable to build boost off of the line.

We’d love to see this thing make a full clean pass. What do you think of this super original swap? Is it super cool or blasphemy to switch it up this much with a classic?

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