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6×6 GOLF CART Wall Climb! Let’s Go Golfing!!

6×6 GOLF CART  Wall Climb! Let’s Go Golfing!!

This 6×6 off-road vehicle looks like some of the most versatile small vehicle technology that money can buy. Check out this diesel powered beast as it muscles its way up a wall.

A Smart Diesel punching out 42hp will do amazing things especially when it’s in an application that small. When you combine it with Weismann differential featuring back to back tripod joints, you have what we see here.

Check out the vehicle known as “Lasso” in the video below. It’s designed to carry up to 2500lb of payload and fit into the V-22 Osprey military aircraft. What would you use this mini monster for?

Diesel not your thing? This Hayabusa powered golf cart is guaranteed to be right down your alley!

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