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6×6 OPTiMUS Semi Truck Launches RC Fishing Jet Boat

We have said often that some of the most innovative minds in the world apply their gift to the world of radio controlled vehicles. From insanely fast racing cars to monster trucks that can literally go almost anywhere, to boats the sling water high into the air as they rip across the surface, the RC world is full of awesome people doing awesome things.

This guy, YouTuber RCSparks Studio, has built a full-on weekend getaway rig, complete with a badass 6×6 Optimus Prime replica, hand-built trailer and a fishing boat. And we don’t just mean a replica fishing boat. This boat can actually be used to catch fish! It features a custom built fishing rod out off the bow and a winch to reel in any fish that just happens to take the bait. While he didn’t have any luck on the day he took the rig to test it out, it’s pretty clear that all he needs is patience and a little luck and he should be able to bring home dinner!

Major props to this guy for putting this rig together and taking the time to really make it something special!




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