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700HP Might Be Too Much For These Kids Crashing Three Stolen Hellcats

When you’re a youngster, the lure of horsepower may be strong, but working your way into it step by step is probably the way to go. There’s  a reason that parents don’t want to put their kids in a high powered machine as their first car.

These kids went out and attempted to satisfy their need for speed in the worst way possible as they somehow managed to steal a couple of cars and take them out for a joy ride that ended in catastrophe.

These weren’t just any cars, either, they just so happened to be the most powerful production muscle car to ever hit the streets in the Dodge Charger Hellcat and Dodge Challenger Hellcat. It looks like they destroyed three of the cars in total from the carnage that they left behind.

Check out the video below that spills the beans of the rest of the story of how these beautiful brand new machines went from perfect to salvage in just a few minutes.


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