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700MPH in a Tube: The Hyperloop Experience

To be blunt, travel is a pain in the ass. While we enjoy driving as much or more than most, hours-long trips to go a few hundred miles are the worst use of time, meaning we can’t be in the office working or on task at the event. Instead, we’re stuck in the car or pickup, driving around 70 MPH as time passes by.

Elon Musk, who clearly has a drive to change the world and a knack for making that happen, shared his vision for a better, more efficient type of transportation in the form of the Hyperloop, a sort of hybrid mix of subways and bank tubes that will, hopefully, revolutionize the way we think about getting around. While it is still in the very early stages of development, the Hyperloop could very well end up being the preferred method used to cover longer distances, especially considering the 700 MPH potential speeds that will get you where you’re going faster than a jetliner.


Check out this video, which takes us inside some of the development taking place across the country as we speak to help bring the Hyperloop to life!


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