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707hp Hellcat Wrangler

When it comes to Mopar, the brand has always had a solid following but when they decided to unleash the supercharged Hellcat platform in 2015, it seems like the top really blew off and people had a whole new revitalized excitement about their Dodges.

Since the excitement has began to settle down a little bit, we’re beginning to see the supercharged v8 plopped in a variety of different platforms and this time, the platform in question is none other than a Jeep!

That’s right! The 707hp supercharged power plant has managed to find its way into a Jeep Wrangler to take the power and excitement off-road to a place that offers up a whole new variety of excitement.

Check out the video below that shows off what such power in a Jeep really looks like and tell us where you think that they’ll be putting these engines next. What do you think would be the coolest vehicle to slap Hellcat power into?


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