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75-200mph in a 2000+HP Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo X – [Speedometer View]

For most of us who are hooked on cars, we can all attest to the fact that there’s just something about the feeling of the sheer power and torque of a machine that will give you an experience that is really irreplaceable. It’s almost indescribable in a way, when you feel that rush of adrenaline and the G-Forces coming over you, it creates a sort of euphoria that’s hard to replicate.

This time, we dial in with a car that is certainly capable of all of the above. This is one machine that would almost guarantee to throw you back into your seat and not let you out until the driver decides it’s time to lift off of the gas pedal so that you can be freed from the confines of the acceleration once again.

As you probably already noticed, we’re talking about a twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo fitted with the Underground Racing X package. The car is capable of over 2000 hp and even on a medium boost level, it’s really something that you need to see to believe as the speedometer pegs itself in a hurry. The view that we’re given here is nothing short of amazing to watch.

Check out the video below that somehow manages to only span 22 seconds as the car accelerates from 75 mph to over 200 mph, showing off its true colors in such a way that makes these things very irresistible. If you couldn’t quite grasp why it is that UGR cars are so sought-after, this video should shed some light on the phenomenon that makes them the king of the hill.