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78-Year-Old Woman Shows Off Her Carbon’d Out 2018 CTS-V to Her Mailman

78-Year-Old Woman Shows Off Her Carbon'd Out 2018 CTS-V to Her Mailman

In this day and age, Cadillac has really found a way to become cool again. Many might fail to remember this. However, not too long ago, they were widely regarded as a car for old people. With a big and soft ride with lots of space inside, the demographic buying these things simply skewed toward older people.

These days, Cadillac has really pushed in order to youngen-up their demographic. After all, it’s better to have a wider range of people interested in your vehicles. One of the big ways that they chose to do this was to tap into the performance market. It might’ve taken a couple of years but with some fine-tuning, the Cadillac CTS-V would eventually become a sensation.

The concept was actually pretty simple.

Cadillac would take one of their luxury machines and combine it with a heart very similar to that of a Corvette. It essentially dove into the market that was previously dominated by Germany, for the most part. The performance luxury cruiser had brought great success to an American automaker, though.

Now, Cadillac would probably tell you that this car generally ended up reaching out to this younger demographic. However, just because it’s creating nearly 700 horsepower doesn’t mean you have to be a full-on gearhead to drive it. In fact, this time, we meet a woman who goes by the name of Mrs. Richardson. Mrs. Richardson might just be the most badass V owner that there is!

The woman who lives on the outskirts of Houston just so happens to be on the route of a mailman who goes by the name of Drae Cloud. Being a gearhead, Drae couldn’t help but notice Mrs. Richardson’s new purchase. When he took the time to go and check the vehicle out, it actually had a couple of carbon fiber surprises as well.

Mrs. Richardson told Drae “Just because I’m a Senior, and I drive a Cadillac, that doesn’t mean I wanna go slow and cruise. I wanna go fast, and that’s what the V is for!”

She even says that she’s planning on getting tags that read “Granie-V.”

If this isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is! Keep being great, Mrs. Richardson!


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