How 782 LBS Of Forged Aluminum Becomes A Racing Engine Block

Within the world of racing, there are lots of processes that are downright amazing to ...

Within the world of racing, there are lots of processes that are downright amazing to think about. So many components have to come together to make a race car work. With machines that are hurling down the track and making thousands of horsepower, there has got to be a good amount of strength behind these parts with a small margin for error. Those behind it all really have these means of production down to a science. They need to get it just right to ensure a safe and effective racing experience.

One of the most interesting processes behind a race car might just be the way that the engine block comes together. After all, it’s basically the home of where all the horsepower is created. Therefore, it has to be the strongest component of them all. Right? It’s tough to wrap the mind around how one solid block of forged aluminum is cut down so intensely. This time, however, we get to take a peek into how it’s done.

So how exactly does an engine block come together? As it turns out, the process is rather precise and is done mostly by machine. It all starts out with one solid block of metal. This block weighs in at 782 lbs that’s reduced to 140 lbs when all is said and done. After this shaving away of metal and chemical treating, the finish line becomes much more clear.

By following along with the video below, we get the inside line on how something like this works. Each step in this process has its own interesting set of ideas that really improves the way that the final product comes out. It’s insane how streamlined this process become with technology. Without these machines, this level of precision definitely wouldn’t be possible. Even if it were, the amount of time that would take to build something like this would take a lot longer.

How do you turn a 782-pound chunk of forged aluminum into a 140-pound racing engine block? #TechTalkTuesday presented by Evans Waterless Engine Coolants USA.

Posted by NHRA on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

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