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8-71 Blown Roadrunner Makes Nasty Pull on The Dyno!

This video is the very reason you always make sure to strap cars securely onto the dyno when making a pull!

This wicked 8-71 supercharged Plymouth Roadrunner is in the middle of cranking out a chassis dyno pull when the right rear tire deflates unexpectedly. You can see the passenger side of the car drop quickly as the blown 440 screams at wide open throttle, indicating that the tire has let go. Luckily, the car is securely lashed to the dyno stand and the only real indication that anything has gone awry – other than the side of the car lowering – is a pretty noticeable shake as the car slows after the pull.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 9.12.59 AM

Now that we know everything turned out okay, we’re kind of disappointed that we don’t get to find out the horsepower numbers the gnarly blown Roadrunner put down! Maybe the owner will see this and let us know!


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