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8 Celebrities Show Us Their Favorite Trucks And Cars.

When it comes to some of our favorite celebrities, especially those who have been known have quite the infatuation with cars, you can’t help but wonder how some of them take their love for cars and apply it to their personal collections. What are their favorite cars? What are the cars that they end up driving on a regular basis?

As a society who seems to be incredibly interested in those who we see on television, as athletes, or even as performers of some other sort, it’s neat to see how those very folks can relate to our world as the community of car enthusiasts is bigger and more widespread than you might think!

This time, we check out a video that takes the dig into trying to figure out what some celebrities claim to be their favorite cars and even perhaps what it is that they’re driving around in right now. It’s pretty neat to be able to keep an eye on this kind of thing and see exactly how your tastes can compare the taste of some of the people who you might enjoy watching the most. Who knows? Maybe some of the celebrities favorite vehicles are even ones that you might find in your very own driveway.

If you dial yourself in down in the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly how some celebrities choose to spend their money whether it be someone from the likes of John Cena or Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. “The Rock” all the way to maybe Jay Leno or Gordon Ramsay. Sometimes, we might daydream about what it would be like to have unlimited money and purchase the vehicles of our dreams but for these individuals, it seems like their cash flow is almost unlimited to point where they can purchase whatever vehicles they would like


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