8 Muscle Cars That Have Been Forgotten About

Over the years, while you might not necessarily hear about all of them, different ...

Over the years, while you might not necessarily hear about all of them, different companies are trying out all sorts of different things when it comes to how they release their vehicles. Whether it be a special kind of trim level or option or potentially something as serious as releasing a whole new model, automakers will try out all sorts of different renditions of what they perceive to be popular to try and catch on and sell as many vehicles as they possibly can. Sometimes, well, let’s just say that it ends up working out better than other times.

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This time, we check out a collection of eight different muscle cars that ended up flying under the radar for one reason or another. Perhaps some of these cars were just such big flops that you have never even heard of them and others, well, they may be incredibly nuanced rides that simply slipped past your attention. For one reason or another, though, each and every one of these cars has something unique about it that isn’t really really seen anymore or isn’t all that common whenever you see a similar car on the road. For example, you see a lot of Ford Mustangs but that Ford Mustang wagon that was created and diteched before production is definitely not something that you see everyday.

Follow along with a compilation video down below that takes the liberty of putting together some of these most uncommon cars and gives you an idea of what it is that you might be missing. I’m sure that there are a wide variety of cars that could fit on this list.  If you can think of any that didn’t quite make the cut here, be sure to tell us which ones you think should have been included but simply were not. Out of the cars that are listed here, make sure to mention which of these you think is the most obscure of the bunch.

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