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8 Year Old Doing Donuts

When we were younger, we couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel. For these kids, that dream would come true a little bit earlier than regular children. For these kids, they would get behind the wheel of a Dodge Ram and show off their “donuts, burnouts and fish tails” as taught to them by one of their elders!

Who knows, maybe these driving skills will come in handy later on in life when these kids grow up to become professional drifters! When their mom asks who they learned all of this from, they’re instructed to say that they picked up the truck driving skills from their dad – a hilarious touch to an already great video!

At just eight years old, this has to be a dream come true and for those of you who were wondering, this video was filmed back in 2008. The boys are just now getting ready to get their licenses.

Check out the clip below as these kids head out to an open field and drive it like they stole it. This experience will definitely be a memorable one for these youngsters.


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