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800hp GTR Chained to Pickup Truck Attempts Burnout

When it comes to the Nissan GT-R, one of the advantages that car comes with straight out of the box with is the fact that it has an all-wheel-drive system that is equipped in order to make the car launch hard off of the line, providing traction where it might otherwise not be available.

Most of the time, this would be a good thing, but as you can probably imagine, if your goal is to do a burnout, I don’t think that the all-wheel-drive system that any car comes with would be to your advantage. In fact, in a situation like this, such a component would probably give you a rather sizable disadvantage.

However, if you have a little bit of ingenuity and are willing to bend the rules a bit, you can set up the situation to your advantage, using just a little bit of leverage. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that any all-wheel-drive enthusiasts try this at home, but this time, the crew over at Hoonigan came up with a solution that involves a full-size truck and a chain to hold down an 800 hp GT-R that was looking to smoke some rubber.

Check out the video down below as we catch up with Taylor and one of her three GT-R monsters. Will this attempts to make the all-wheel drive machine kill some tires be successful or will this be one great big fail with lots of broken parts waiting to happen? I guess the only way to find out is to check out the latest episode of Daily Transmission down below for yourself.


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