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9-Second Go Karts Are the Sketchy Fun we Need

When we’re talking about the ideal platform to start with when drag racing, there’re a few that come to mind. Perhaps a Ford Mustang might be one of the first. After all, the Fox body is one of the most tried-and-true platforms there is. All of this comes with plenty of modification support to go around. Following it up might be something like a Chevrolet Corvette. It’s not hard to see where we’re going with this. Making our way down the list, I’m not sure we would ever find the likes of a go-cart. It just doesn’t make sense. It seems like one of the most unlikely drag racing competitors imaginable.

However, as the internet has quickly found out, it might be one of the best. Because these frames are so lightweight, they don’t need very much power to go fast. However, when someone does throw a lot of power at them, it turns out that they actually can dethrone just about anything. This time, they’re just racing among themselves. They’re absolutely ripping though! With 9-second quarter miles, there aren’t too many cars that would be able to handle these machines. They just seem to glide down the track so effortlessly!

This time, the karts are coming at us at wide open throttle. They absolutely scream down the track as some of the most serious karts we’ve ever seen. By following along with the video below, we get to check in with what these absolute savage machines have to offer as they make their way down the strip.

This is just another video that goes to show you that gearheads will race anything. If it has four wheels and can hold an engine, someone is bound to make it go fast. In this case, we’re absolutely glad that they did!