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9-second Wheelie Poppin’ Buick Sleeper Strikes!

9-second Wheelie Poppin’ Buick Sleeper Strikes!

It seems like there is a formula out there that definitely works. If you take “X” car and throw “Y” engine in it with “Z” transmission, it will get down the drag strip in a hurry every last time.

While these cookie-cutter builds most certainly have their place, it’s refreshing to see something completely off the wall hit the drag strip every now and then as well. That’s exactly what we’re witnessing with this Buick LeSabre.

We’ve seen this incredible sleeper before, but now in the BigKleib34 video below, we see the nitrous induced sleeper clock in a new personal best by running a 9.77-second pass at almost 136mph!

Dying to learn more about the build? Take the complete tour below!




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