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900 HP Big Block Chevelle is Custom From Head to Toe $500+k

Sometimes, there’s just nothing like the grumble of the engine of your choice powering a beautiful car down the street.

As a car community, that’s what we’re all about, putting together all of the pieces that create a truly perfect build. The best part of it all is that “perfect” can be a whole variety of different things but when just the right factors come together in just the right quantities, we truly know that we’re seeing something special.

This time, we check in with a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle that truly falls into that “something special” category. With one look at this car, we would say that there is very little left that on the machine that is as it came from the factory as just about everything has been touched in one way or another.

From the 900HP 565 CI big block Chevrolet V8 under the hood all the way to the body lines that have been altered, there is a lot of custom on this machine. In fact, there is so much custom work going on that it took several years and $200,000 in parts to bring this monster of a machine together.

By following along with the video below from AutotopiaLA, we get it up an close and personal view of what exactly a car like this is all about. Keep those eyes peeled because there are some features on this bad boy that you truly won’t find on any other machine in existence and you have to pay close attention to truly see every last touch.

After checking out this incredible creation that’s custom from head to toe, be sure to tell us if any particular feature stands out to you. If you ask us, while subtle, the extended body panels truly give this ride a custom look that makes it stand out from all the other 66 Chevelle’s out there.

Built by – Nostalgia Hot RodsDustin Hacker


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