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997 Cubic Inch Racecar First Start Attempt Gives us Jitters!

It doesn’t matter who you are or how many builds do you’ve done. For anybody who is doing the first startup of a car after modification gets a little bit of the jitters. After all, putting together a dream machine took a lot of time, effort, and money. All of those long, hard hours come down to one turn of the key. This turn of the key could end up with a complete catastrophe. On the other end, though, it could be smooth sailing. In between, there reside a whole plethora of different options to choose from as well.

This time, it was Justin Swanstrom aka Lil Country’s time to turn the key. In this case, we’re sure that those first startup jitters would come around. In this one, we get to follow along with Alcatraz 2.0. The car has 997 cubic inches of power just waiting to scream a breath of fresh air.

Just like it would with the rest of us, we’re sure that the project has gone through its fair share of woes and challenges. Making sure that everything is buttoned up just right is always a sort of puzzle. Finding where just the right pieces go at the right time is a somewhat frustrating yet rewarding endeavor.

This time, we follow along as the final pieces are plugged in. When all is said and done, everything comes to a head in the moment of truth. If it starts up and purrs like a kitten, they will know that they have done their job right. On the other hand, though, we never know what’s coming on the other end of the turn of the key. By following along with the video below, we get to join in on just that moment.

In the day of the internet, no longer is your moment of truth your own. Instead, that jittery moment can now be shared with an audience.