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A 3000HP Lexus? This is Not Your Grandma’s Lexus!

When you think of a Lexus, you think of a refined road machine that’s designed with every creature comfort in mind. While this ride might still be sporting the Lexus branding up front, that’s about the extent of this car that still resembles its former self.

With a whole slew of aftermarket modification, this machine Falls right in line with the rest of the cars that have come out of the EKanoo lineup as it manages to impress and then some when it makes its way down the drag strip, barreling to some incredibly impressive elapsed times and trap speeds!

It almost seems like no matter what comes out of doors of that shop, it ends up being incredibly bad to the bone. Ride along with this killer machine and be sure to chime in with what you think of this 3000 hp Lexus that is just another creation of what we’re sure are plenty more to come from Ekanoo.