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A Diesel Chevrolet Suburban Custom Built By Duraburb Inc.

When it comes to diesel powered SUV’s, there aren’t too many options out there, and if you’re a GM fan, there are none, at least as far as factory offerings. However, Duraburb, a company located in central Florida, solves that problem.

These guys take GM Suburban’s and Yukon XL’s and do complete GM Duramax diesel engine installations. The result is a great looking GM SUV with the towing power diesel fans are accustomed to. The installations are thorough and look like the trucks came straight from the factory. The towing capacity of up to 17,000 pounds is well beyond that of any factory GM SUV and Duraburb’s builds still allow good fuel mileage as well.

Why GM doesn’t offer their Duramax engine in its sports utility lineup is puzzling, but these guys stepped in and fill that void with their quality builds. They even feature a Duraburb that’s available for purchase from a customer who’s traded his in for a newer build.