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A Diesel Powered Go Kart? The Diesel Weasel Lives!

Even if it isn’t in a car, truck, or bike that you are building, there’s definitely a way to take your passion for speed and creating something to apply it to another format.This time, the format that we’re looking at is really unique, indeed, and really makes us want to take a deeper look at exactly what’s going on here. Instead of any of the aforementioned platforms, this guy just so happens to be working with nothing other than a go kart. You’d think that, with such machine, the options would be limited but when you get to customizing and fabricating different things, your options really open up a lot.

In this video, we get the down and dirty on what this YouTuber has constructed in his very own garage, a machine that has come together incredibly nicely as a diesel powered go kart comes to life. With the diesel craze that has hit the streets these days, this thing most certainly is an attention grabber that you aren’t going to want to miss. Lots of time went into bringing this one together and the final picture most certainly is something that you can get excited about. From head to toe, you’re going to want to know every single detail about this car and what has to offer.

Check out the video down below that will give you the rundown on this crazy kart and even give you the opportunity to see what it’s capable of in action. If you had the knowledge, abilities, and bank account to fund whatever go kart project you wanted, what kind of engine would you power it with? Would you hook it up with a diesel power plant like this or would something else be at the top of your build sheet?