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A ferry for yachts, the ultimate vessel tow boat!

In the world of vehicle transportation, there are some astonishing methods of moving vehicles from place to place. None may be more fascinating to watch than the Super Servant 4, a float-on yacht transport vessel.

With this awesome overhead footage, we get to see the DYT Yacht Transport team loading up a group of yachts, as well as a few smaller craft, into he monstrous Super Servant. They carefully position the yachts in a high-stakes game of Tetris, before draining the water from inside the SS4 and heading to the open sea with its billon dollar cargo. It’s amazing to see the scale of this ship as it seemingly swallows these yachts like a huge whale scooping mouthfuls of fish. The Super Servant is over 550 feet in length and 104 feet wide and can transport over 12,000 tons at a swift 14 knots!

If you have a yacht you need relocated and don’t want to do it yourself, this is definitely the coolest way to move it!


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