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A Leduc Christmas With Monster Energy

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on December 26, 2018

What do you get when you cross a 900 horsepower Pro4 truck driven by five-time Lucas Oil Off-Road champion Kyle LeDuc with a heaping helping of gymkhana-style controlled chaos, and sprinkle in a little Christmas cheer? You get A LeDuc Christmas, and it will have you saying Ho Ho Holy Crap that’s badass!

The premise is a pretty basic holiday routine for many American households: picking out the perfect live Christmas tree and driving home with it so the family can decorate it. Only Kyle isn’t basic in any way and neither is his Monster Energy-sponsored Pro4 Truck. Outfitted with Toyo Tires, the Ford-based chassis is ideal for getting the tree home through the dusty backwoods in record time, and LeDuc does just that, hauling butt down the dirt and gravel roads, and even going completely off-road a times. When you have such an important mission, you have to do what’s necessary, even when that means coming within inches of tress, gates and other obstacles that line the “road” home.

As if his insanely-precise skills weren’t highlighted enough by the killer diving he does with all 4 wheels on the ground, we get to see Kyle send the truck off a huge ramp, something that Ken Block may be looking to add to his repertoire for the next installment in his series after seeing LeDuc pull off. The truck soars hundreds of feet through the air and lands perfectly, a testament to having the chassis setup perfectly and the insane King Off-Road shocks that absorbed the full weight of the truck upon returning to earth effortlessly.

Kyle finally arrives home, only to be met by a disapproving scowl from his lovely wife, who notices that the perfect tree has been reduced to a sickly looking bunch of sticks suitable only for Charlie Brown.

This video is a great way to say Merry Christmas with a fun automotive twist, and even though we’re a day late, we wanted to share it with the best fans on the planet!

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