A Lifted Truck Build With WISH Parts is the Coolest Thing We’re Glad We’ve Never Done

Today, with the help of the internet, the world is getting smaller than ever. Because ...

Today, with the help of the internet, the world is getting smaller than ever. Because of that, consumers have access to more goodies than ever. Sure, affordable goods from China have been around forever. However, because these Chinese manufacturers can reach out and meet far more customers directly, the buying options are much more abundant for the consumer.

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With that, it can be easy to find things that are pretty cheap. With websites like Wish, these affordable goods come at us straight to our phones. With the touch of a button, someone can order just about anything from overseas. However, with these new and rising companies that don’t necessarily have name recognition, we can sometimes wonder if the goods that we’re getting are going to live up to our expectations. Let’s just say that a little skepticism is healthy.

A lot of the time, when the mail finally comes in, buying from these unknown vendors can be a bit of a coin flip. In fact, maybe it’s a little bit less than a coin flip’s chance that things are going to end well. Instead, we’d say that there’s actually a pretty decent chance that what you end up getting is of less than spectacular quality. There’s a reason why so many people poke fun at these platforms.

Fortunately, there are an abundance of content creators out there who are looking to put these sorts of cheap imported items to the test to see if any of them can actually do any good. This time, the creator in question is Custom Offsets who has a lifted truck to act as a canvas for the toys that Wish has to offer!

Down in the video below, we tune in as a lifted truck is on display and is getting a couple of goodies from the e-commerce site. On the list, we have a train horn, light-up wheel rings, and a couple of decals. Are any of these purchases going to be any good or will the guys behind this project find that Wish has failed them?

There’s only one way to find out.

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